As the storm moves on, warnings for flash floods and tornadoes have been issued.

Tornado warning San Diego

As the storm moves on, warnings for flash floods and tornadoes have been issued.

FOX 5/KUSI in San Diego The National Weather Service on Tuesday issued a rare tornado warning and a flash flood warning for “life-threatening” conditions for portions of San Diego County as a powerful air river continued to pound the area. Just before 10 a.m., the NWS issued a rain

A flash flood warning for areas between San Diego and Orange counties due to rainfall rates ranging from 0.75 to one inch per hour with the possibility of an additional one to two inches. Expires at 1pm. Tuesday 3The advisory covered the northernmost neighborhoods in San Diego County, including Oceanside and Fallbrook. Below is a map with the alerts on it.

The NWS stated that “life-threatening” flash flooding is possible while the warning is still in effect, particularly in the vicinity of streams, creeks, and other waterways. Highways, roadways, underpasses, and low-lying urban areas were all susceptible to flooding.

Tornado warning San Diego

The NWS detected a severe thunderstorm capable of spiraling, and shortly after 11:45 a.m., a rare tornado warning was issued for a portion of the South Bay and east counties, hours after a flash flood warning.

SixIt was also announced that “pea-sized hail” and winds over 40 mph were possible in the communities Chula Vista, National City, Spring Valley, El Cajon, Santee, and Lakeside that were under the warning. 7–12:30 p.m., the warning was canceled. The NWS states that before the warning expired, the system started to weaken below the critical threshold, at which point it “no longer appears capable of producing tornadoes.”

Whether any spirals have been detected within the warning period is unknown at this time.

Below are maps showing the locations that have been affected by tornado warnings.

San Diego State University issued a “take cover” alert for all students in reaction to the alert. To prevent flying debris, everyone on campus and in the neighborhood was urged to stay inside and stay away from windows.

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