Tiger Woods discusses his incredible Genesis departure in four sentences.

Tiger Woods discusses his incredible Genesis departure in four sentences

Tiger Woods discusses his incredible Genesis departure in four sentences.

Just four phrases made up his social media message, and it wasn’t obvious if he would try to make a comeback to the Genesis for Sunday’s championship round in his capacity as tournament host. In a Woods flurry, the communication also contained the most recent news.

He was playing in his first PGA Tour event since withdrawing from the Masters in April of last year, and he opened the tournament on Thursday with an erratic, one-over 72. He scored five points for the birdies. He produced six bogeys. He once shanked. Later on, he attributed the mishap to a back ache.

He started Friday’s Genesis second round with a birdie.

Gary Woodland, Woods’ playing partner, later acknowledged that Woods didn’t look good. He reportedly made several trips to the restroom. He was done by the seventh hole, and Pete Dachisen, a PGA Tour rules official, carted him back to the clubhouse.

Then there was uncertainty. Viewers of Golf Channel were informed by Mark Dusbabek that a sickness rather than his back was the cause of his WD. At Riviera, two fire trucks and an ambulance were seen. Every several minutes, doctors came and went from the clubhouse. The ambulance and fire trucks eventually drove away.

Woods came after them later. Woods got out at around 3:40 p.m. local time, and an official in a red Genesis car drove him away.

Longtime Woods confidant Rob McNamara issued the following Q&A via the PGA Tour media team:

Tiger Woods, wearing a red-striped shirt, grimaces during the Genesis Invitational.

Regarding the WD, was it just an illness? Was it? Please clarify.

McNamara: “That’s right. He so began experiencing flu-like symptoms last night. When I woke up this morning, they had gotten worse throughout the previous evening. He was feeling better throughout the warm-up despite having a slight fever and other health issues. However, as soon as he stepped outside to play and stroll, he began to feel lightheaded. In the end, the physicians are stating that he has some

He might have had the flu, and he was also dehydrated. He is doing incredibly well after receiving treatment with an IV bag, and he will soon be allowed to leave this place on his own.

Question “Just to be sure, everyone here, even the staff, thought there was a lot of seriousness going on with all the EMT trucks, you know? Thus, nothing structural in terms of the ankle, back, or…

McNamara: “Yes, exactly. Not at all physical; he has a good back. All of the symptoms were due to a medical condition called dehydration, which is already improving since he received an IV.

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