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Attorney General James Achieves Historic Win in Case Against Donald Trump - govjobcircular.com Attorney General James Achieves Historic Win in Case Against Donald Trump - govjobcircular.com

Attorney General James Achieves Historic Win in Case Against Donald Trump: NEW YORK After Justice Arthur F. Engoron of the New York State Supreme Court ruled in favor of her office in its civil fraud case against Donald Trump, the other defendants individually, and the Trump Organization entities, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued the following statement today. She ordered the defendants to pay more than $450 million in total, which represents $363.8 million in disgorgement and pre-judgment interest:

“Justice has been served today. This is a huge win for our state, our country, and everyone who thinks that everyone has to play by the same rules—including past presidents. “To falsely inflate his financial wealth and unfairly enrich himself, his family, and his company, Donald Trump engaged in tremendous fraud for years.

Even though he wrote the “Art of the Deal,” our case showed that the art of the theft served as the foundation for his company. “Honest and hardworking people lose out when powerful people cheat to get better loans. It is not possible for average Americans to mislead a bank in order to obtain a mortgage for a house; if they did, our government would take a hard line against them.

various rules for various persons are just not possible. “At last, Donald Trump is being held responsible for his egregious deception, lying, and cheating. Since nobody is above the law, regardless of how large, wealthy, or powerful they may believe themselves to be. Justice Arthur F. Engoron’s ruling from today provides the following relief:

In addition to being barred from serving as directors or officers of any New York company for a term of three years, Allen Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney are also prohibited from holding financial management positions in any New York company for the remainder of their lives. The total amount ordered to be paid by Donald Trump and the other defendants is over $450 million, which includes disgorgement and pre-judgment interest of $363.8 million.

Two years will pass before Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump may hold an officer or director position in any New York business; three years will pass before Donald Trump and his businesses can seek for a loan from any bank or financial institution in New York; The Trump Organization will appoint a new, independent director of compliance to oversee internal procedures and financial reporting requirements.

In addition, the company’s current independent external monitor will continue to supervise financial transactions and make sure that the fraud cannot be allowed to continue. Attorney General James launched a lawsuit against Donald Trump, many Trump Organization businesses, and top officials in September 2022 after a three-year investigation revealed their involvement in years of financial fraud and unlawful activity.

Prior to the start of this trial in September 2023, Judge Engoron issued a Attorney General James’ move for partial summary judgment was granted in the opinion, which concluded that Donald Trump and the defendants had committed fraud by increasing the worth of his properties falsely. Following an 11-week trial that ended with closing arguments last month, the court today decided and ordered that Donald Trump and the other individual defendants also engaged in illegal behavior and that redress against the defendants is required to prevent continuing fraudulent and illegal conduct.