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LSU women's basketball defeats Tennessee 75-60 in a game of adjustments. - govjobcircular.com LSU women's basketball defeats Tennessee 75-60 in a game of adjustments. - govjobcircular.com

The last time Tennessee and Kim Mulkey's Tigers played, the result was a two-point loss in the Sotheastern Conference Tournament. On this occasion, though, LSU traveled to Knoxville and prevailed 75–60.

The Tigers had to change for survival. Tennessee's ability to restrict LSU in the paint and limit the Tigers at the foul line was crucial to their victory. The Volunteers were effective in doing that during the first half

In order to maintain its advantage and win the game, LSU had to gradually increase its lead as Tennessee got closer to scoring multiple times in the second half.

In the end, LSU shot 6-for-15 (40%) from three-point range and 29-for-88 (33%) overall. LSU led by Hailey Van Lith in the second half.

Van Lith scored a team-high 26 points in the end, which is her highest point total since moving to LSU. The transfer guard from Louisville, Kentucky finished with three assists, seven rebounds, and a 9-for-18 field goal and 4-for-5 three-point shooting percentage.

However, as Tennessee began to pick up steam in the second half, Van Lith's scoring output was especially crucial. In the second half, she scored two of her four 3-pointers and sixteen of her 26 points.

Van Lith appeared to have the ideal blend of playing her game and playing the point, which is different from how she usually plays at Louisville. Van Lith could pass the ball, but she also assumed accountability for efficient scoring when the team needed it.

LSU's explosive fourth quarter After being outscored in the third quarter, Van Lith assisted LSU in mounting a comeback of their own. In the fourth quarter, the Tigers outscored Tennessee 27–15, shooting 50% from three and 45.5% from the field.

The Volunteers' main goal in the first half was to contain Angel Reese both all-around in the paint and at the foul line, and they were successful in that regard. However, Reese found a window in the second half and capitalized, finishing with a double-double of 11 points and 16 rebounds, shooting 3-for-6 from the foul line and 4-for-19 from the field. Eight of Reese's 11 points came in the second half.

 Reese didn't score until just over seven minutes remained in the second quarter, making a jumper from just outside the key. Two minutes later, Reese made her first appearance at the foul line, making one of her two free throws.

Tamari Key, the center for Tennessee, deserves a lot of praise for her strong defensive play in the paint. Key finished with five rebounds and 10 points. "Tamari Key has a good height. We anticipated that she would be defending Angel," Mulkey remarked. "Her size altered shots."

Reese's rebounding presence remained potent even as Tennessee limited her scoring. 16 of LSU's 57 team rebounds were gathered by Reese. In light of Tennessee's attempts to limit LSU's scoring in the paint, Aneesah Morrow tried to contribute as much as he could. Her final stats were 13 rebounds and 8 points.

Tennessee's impressive third quarter The third quarter saw the Volunteers' scoring come to life as they whittled down LSU's advantage to just two points. In the third quarter, Tennessee outscored the Tigers 19–10, with LSU shooting 4–18 overall

Mulkey stated, "We lost our composure a little bit in the third." However, Tennessee caused us to become agitated. You tend to play a bit harder when you're down." But in the end, Tennessee shot only 16% from three-point range and 31% from the field. The group attempted and made three of its eighteen 3-point attempts.

Apart from not making any 3-pointers, Tennessee committed 10 turnovers as opposed to LSU's 7. LSU defeated Tennessee 12-3 in points off of turnovers and 21-8 in fastbreak points. These kinds of barriers prevented the Volunteers from sustaining their third quarter surge.

With a team-high 16 points and nine rebounds, Rickea Jackson—who is expected to be a top pick in the WNBA Draft—finished the game strong. Six of her 16 points were scored in the third period.

Tess Darby made 3-for-6 field goals and 2-for-5 three-pointers to score nine points. Eight points, six rebounds, and seven assists were provided by Jasmine Powell, and seven points and eight rebounds were added by Sara Puckett.