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With a Barcelona classic, Lionel Messi saves Inter Miami in Los Angeles. - govjobcircular.com With a Barcelona classic, Lionel Messi saves Inter Miami in Los Angeles. - govjobcircular.com

Hours before kickoff on the first night of the 2024 Lionel Messi roadshow, the stargazers assembled. Perhaps sooner than ever, many gathered outside Dignity Health Sports Park, waiting in line to enter the LA Galaxy's longstanding home. They had come to witness a performance and catch a glimpse of the GOAT, and they had to wait 91 minutes.

Then they witnessed the brilliance they had paid for, just like clockwork

. For the majority of Sunday night, Messi had been neutralized, smothered, and choked. However, with his Inter Miami club losing 1-0 in stoppage time of the second half, he pulled out his endless repertoire for a timeless play.

Over their ten years together at FC Barcelona, they had undoubtedly practiced this pattern hundreds of times: Messi to Alba, Alba back to Messi, back to Alba, back to Messi, and past a defenseless goalie, into the back of the net.

Activating Jordi Alba, he and her combined to create Catalan magic that could effortlessly breach the Galaxy's defenses.

Up to a soft red card in the 88th minute, the hosts mostly exposed Miami's numerous weaknesses. The galaxy continued to move forward into ominously vacant space. They struck several posts. They blew fantastic opportunities, one of which was a penalty.

It was Messi's first league goal of the fledgling campaign. And Miami was rewarded with a 1-1 tie that the Herons deserved none at all. They had been hammered for the better part of ninety-plus minutes in Carson, California, under the lights by the Galaxy, who appeared to be a young club revitalized.

By that point, they had given their fellow MLS teams a skeleton for defeating Miami. When Miami had the ball, they would have reduced the field. Although they were positioned in the middle of the block, their defenders held back. Luis Suarez and others were challenged to overtake them from behind; Suarez, who was obviously handicapped and 37 years old, was unable to do it.

They produced enough to get three or maybe even four. They were inefficient up until the 75th minute, when they launched their thirtieth counterattack, resulting in a rebound that Marky Delgado squared to Dejan Joveljic for a tap-in.

Then the Galaxy burst onto enormous stretches of verdant grass after winning the ball. They frequently found themselves in transitional 4-v-4 or 3-v-3 situations. In the vast field they sprinted toward Busquets. They were awarded an early penalty after an error on Messi's pass resulted in a 5-v-4.

They followed Sergio Busquets, the only player who could breach their defensive line from a distance. He was pursued back and forth by Riqui Puig, preventing Miami from using its midfield pivot

Inter Miami was spared by LA's indecision. Better MLS opponents, though, won't be so understanding. Miami faces issues. It basically provides 9-on-11 defense. Its midfielders and fullbacks frequently sprint aggressively, exposing their elderly legs.

For much of the first half and the second, there was a similar traffic pattern. Galaxy finished with 3.8 Expected Goals and Miami with 0.9.